We offer our paying members free 90-minute language classes every week. Find out more about our teachers here.

At the end of the form, please select your preferred language class level. If you are unsure about your level, don’t worry. Once you become a member of the Society, you can change your level at any point, as well as attend as many different classes as you like. Many students in the past have attended, for example, the A2 and B1 classes.
Language Class CEFR Level Weekly time slot Teacher
Lower Beginners A1.1 Class 1: Tuesdays, 5pm

Class 2: Thursdays, 5pm



Higher Beginners A1.2 Thursdays, 5pm Georgina
Lower Intermediate A2 Thursdays, 5pm Jakub
Higher Intermediate B1 Tuesdays, 5pm Marie
Advanced B2 Wednesdays, 2pm Fabiola
Conversational C1, C2 Mondays, 5pm David
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